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AstraNova is an invitation-only platform.
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The wait list allows us to determine fit for the Alpha. Please note that due to overwhelming demand we may not be able to accommodate all waitlist applicants. Only those with a good fit will be contacted.


You will find some of the most frequently asked questions here.

AstraNova is an invitation only network. This means that you must have been scouted or must know someone who is one of the first 100 Alpha members to get invited. We have an active wait list but reserve the right to be selective on admission into what we hope will in time become the worlds leading destination for all things Go To Market be it Sales, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, GTM strategy and international expansion amongst other functions.
Please get in touch with our team at to begin our discovery and vetting process. Should there be a good fit between the startup and our community you will be onboarded and subsequently matched with the appropriate GTM expert / advisor to help you grow your business.
AstraNova aims to reduce noise and find business for experts in Sales, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, GTM strategy and international expansion. Our goal is to have 5K such experts from around the world on our platform by 2028. As an expert you will find commercial, paid opportunities to support both early stage startups as well as scaleups.
An expert may or may not have the appetite to be paid in equity. This may also change from time to time. Startup founders and leadership team members are encouraged to have those conversations early with the experts and advisors. We have partnered with Vestd, a platform that helps with businesses with equity awards.
We take the view that the Service Provider should pay a commission for the work sold. That means that if the Expert or Advisor contracts for a value of £1000 they will pay a % of that as a commission. At present we are exploring commission ranges and will consult with the community to tweak and tune that to ensure that it is a market standard, fair and attractive for our experts and advisors. We have currently pegged a rate of 3-5% for sole traders or independents, 10% for companies with teams of 3 or more and 15% for more institutional service providers.
The MVP does not have contracting, invoicing or payments as functionality. Yup, its a real MVP. We are drinking Reed Hoffman’s Cool Aide and believe that “If you are happy with your first release, you have waited too long”. We encourage all experts and startups to contract and ensure that those contracts are exchanged on the system.
Yes. We reserve the right to remove members from the community that demonstrate behaviour that is incompatible with our platform rules, expected behaviours (see further FAQs) and laws of the countries we operate in.
The first 100 are predominantly European but we will expand out to US cities soon. We already have some experts based in the US in the Alpha too. This is likely to increase as we go into the Beta by the May, 2023 timeframe.
Yes. We are what some call a “Phygital” community. That means that we aren’t just online, but also have in-person invitation only Supper Clubs in select cities. First one is at an undisclosed location in London on March 8th. We call it 8@8 (8th of the month at 8 pm). Over the course of the next few months we will be having a few of these (watch out for these). The only place to get that invite is the platform. Yes, that means you have to log in 😉


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SystemaNova, AstraNova’s sister fund, are early-stage investors investing in pre-seed and seed stage opportunities across the globe, with the ability to follow on and support our founders.
SystemaNova invests in B2B Climatetech, Fintech, and Healthtech Startups across Artificial Intelligence, Research, and Engineering-led Deeptech and Blockchain verticals.

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